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Excess weight or obesity has become a general problem all over the world. A lot of people are facing obesity and it leads your health to many chronic diseases. As well as, no one wants to have a fat belly, it changes your personality in a very bad way. Especially, women are very conscious about their fitness.

It is a dream of every woman to have an ideal and fine body shape like zero sizes. The internet is flooded with weight loss regimes and everyone claims to be the best. But you should choose the way that works without having any side effects on your health.

Many people use medications, weight loss supplements and even sometimes they are involved in cosmetic surgery. But all these weight loss methods are very dangerous for health. Even these ways can lead to many chronic diseases due to their side effects of death.

So, the only way to lose weight naturally is to follow the hard exercise and diet plans. There is a new player in the market that provides you the complete guide to lose your excess body weight naturally by following exercise and diet plans. The name of this weight loss regime is Cinderella Solutions. It is exclusively designed for women to get an ideal body shape.

What is Cinderella Solution?

This is a weight loss regime that contains 28 days. In this program, the author guides you on what to eat and what exercises to follow. Cinderella Solution was created by Carly Donovan, who find out that there are three hormones responsible for fatness in women’s bodies like estrogen, insulin, and cortisol.

The production of these hormones gradually becomes low with increasing age. At the age of twenty years, these hormones are at their peak in women. So, mostly the women in their 30s start gaining excess weight in the crucial areas of the body. This program guides them through an eBook that how they can lose their excess weight. It can be downloaded from the official site.

Cinderella Solution Work

How does it work?

This program contains two types of activities, one is to eat according to instructions and the other is to follow the little action plan described in the program book. All the program consist of 28 days, in the first 14 days the author guides you to take 3 meals per day. The meal is a special diet combination prescribed by the author is the program book.

In the next 14 days, the author guides you to take 4 meals per day. All the foods are recognized by the special combination made by Carly Donovan that helps to increase the production level of three above mentioned hormones that are responsible to manage women’s weight like insulin, estrogen, and cortisol.

Additionally, it helps to increase the rate of metabolism and controls your appetite and your body starts losing stubborn fats converting your body into an ideal and fine shape. This program is specially designed for women over the age of 30 years because this is the age when their body starts gaining weight. This is completely a natural program and does not involve any kind of medications or supplements as they have side effects and may lead to chronic diseases.

Special Food Combinations used by the Author:

The working base of this program depends on the meal combinations stated by the author in the book that you have to take for 28 days. The food combinations are as follows:

  • Chocolate and apple
  • Green Tea and Mint
  • Fish and Garlic
  • Ricotta and Berries

The program works very well for women over the age of 30 years.

Benefits you can get from Cinderella Solution:

Affordable: The program price is just $37 and you can download it from the official website easily after paying the amount. It is affordable and easy to access.

Designed for Women: The most prominent quality of this program that it is specially designed for women of all ages and the author of this eBook is also a woman Carly Donovan. Many other weight loss supplements usually are designed for men and these contain testosterone and muscle power ingredients. Women cannot use that kind of supplement.

Works Fast: Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program consisting of 28 days. It means that you can lose the extra pounds from the crucial areas of your body within a few weeks completely. Moreover, you will be able to manage your weight in the future. Because weight management is more difficult than weight loss.

Natural: Another most prominent quality of this program is that it does not involve any artificial supplements or medications. But it guides you to lose the excess body weight by using combinations of natural food and meals prescribed by the author an eBook. In this way, it does not have any side effects.

Digital & Easy to Use: What the most loving thing about the Cinderella Solution is that it is digital. You don’t need to carry around any book or flashcards. You can read the eBook from your laptop or smartphone.


  • The program is available online only. You can purchase it online only.
  • Cinderella Solution is designed for women only. Men cannot use this weight loss regime.
  • You have to follow the instructions stated in the eBook completely to get the desired results.

How to buy the Cinderella Solution?

If you are convinced to buy the program then you can purchase it from the official website. Just visit the official website and get a 100% guaranteed program in the form of PDF on discounted rates.

The Final Verdict:

Do you need a program that is specially designed for women? Do you need a weight loss program that works well without any kind of side effects? Then you should try the Cinderella Solution immediately.

This is a complete program that can get you the desired results regarding your excess body weight. You can get the body shape of your dreams within a few weeks by using just diet and exercise combinations. There are a lot of reviews and testimonials shared by its users on the official website for your mental satisfaction.

So, Buy It Now!

Cinderella Solution Buy

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